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Limousine Hire Shrewsbury 

Hire an elegant limousine from our fleet, for either , weddings, partying, days out or conferences. The limousine prices range, depending on were you would like to go and what you would like it to do. Weddings have a general fixed price. All of our services include a 5 star service. All of our limousines and wedding cars are fully licensed with Shropshire council, and all of our drivers are psv licensed.


Children's Birthday party's are fantastic in Shrewsbury, there are the excellent bowling ring, ice skating ring, or a selection of fantastic restraints. There are plenty of places in Shrewsbury to enjoy a children's birthday. Contact for more details on arranging a free party organiser. 

Adult party choices in telford, also have a large range of night clubs, pubs, restraints and bars. Night Clubs such as Reflex and much more, and pubs and restraints in the town of Shrewsbury.  

Day out with the kids opens lots of choices in Shrewsbury, including Attingham Park, Boat Hire, and the adventure rope course. Again there is free support in your booking your day out with the kids, with our organisers at 2xllimos. 

Romantic Transport destinations in telford could not be any more better, with the large number of destinations offering afternoon tea, including Hadley Park, Myton Mermaid and Haughton Hall. 

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