What are we doing to help prevent spreading within our services?

Due to the current outbreak on coronavirus, our usual measures are being taken more seriously. So how are we taking these measures into action? Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned along with antibacterial cleaning substances. All Vehicles are provided with clean napkins/ tissues. Hand sanitizer is provided when possible. All drivers are monitored of any symptoms prior to the event, if so to report immediately and another driver will carry out the service. 

How can you help us?

To help us in this mission to carry on providing our excellent services, we ask for you to listen to the most recent guild lines by the health advise, and ensure non of your friends/ family are facing any of these symptoms, if so, ask them to not come, or even see our policies to rescheduling. We also ask to ensure to wash your hands thoroughly before enjoying the service we provide. This could prevent a spread. 

What happens if your special occasion, event or wedding day is cancelled? What are your options?

Due to our deposits being non refundable, we highly recommend speaking to one of our members to either one of two options. Either, reschedule to a further date.(If rescheduled a  50% of balance is required 6 weeks before original booking date) Or if you have paid n full, have your money on a credit note, for another event in the future. Don't forget, we want to work with you as best as we can through this dreadful virus. We will do our best to carry out a service, if your event goes ahead. All options can be discussed, but to confirm your option you must email us. 

What if i have booked a prom car? Will the prom still go ahead?

Due to the current state of school closure, 21st march 2020, to a date to not be confirmed, we still believe proms or a social event will still take place in the future to celebrate your child's school time. As stated above we would be more then happy to hold your car, reschedule or hold your balances on a credit note. Again support via telephone is available.