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Carrying Our services Across All Occasions 

Here at 2xllimos we pride our selves in special novelty vehicles for your final moments with your loved ones. With 22 years of catering for all needs joyful and in sorrow with every event being unique with consideration from our family business. Our seven seater seater Cadillac is so often requested where maybe a white hearse motor on horse drawn is used. This classic 1959  Cadillac limousine is so suited with ladies, men and children of all ages. Our chauffer's are trained in this sensitive



The Pullman limousine is again the right vehicle where people look at this time to celebrate somebodies life. With conference inward seating drinks bar and opportunity for upto eight passengers to enjoy some light music where you can connect your phone to our sound system. Drivers electronic panel allows complete privacy for you.  

Japanese Funeral
pink cadillac
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