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Prom Season 2024

Arrive in style...

2XL Limos have been considered a top-rated transportation service for Prom events since 2004. We pride ourselves on being fully licenced and fully qualified to service such events and be a significant part in this fantastic occasion. We understand that hiring trustworthy and safe businesses to chauffeur either yourself, your children, other family or friends is an incredibly high priority so please, we insist that you check out, first and foremost, our qualifications and our reviews to confirm that we are the limousine service for you.

View our showroom to see the impressive vehicles we have in store, whether you want something sleek and stylish or showstopping and quirky, we have something to suit your criteria. Check out our top rated Limousines now by clicking the following button.

We really do recommend that you contact us as soon as possible as our cars book up extremely quickly. In order to do so, click on the following button to be re-directed to our online enquiry form, where we guarantee to return to you within 24 hours.

Our elegant 'Margaret Rose' vintage carriage is not just for weddings, it's a Prom favourite too. Take a look at this fantastic classic car, designed and built to ensure the best comfort and finish off its graceful nature. And what's better? She's eco-friendly too!

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