The Beautiful Elddis Chatsworth - HONEYMOONS ONLY

The comfy New 2019 model Elddis Chatsworth is simply brilliant, the bed extends and two can fit on comfy if your around 6ft or less; the sofas also extend to form a double bed it has great technology built in it for example using Truma technology you can use your phone to message the caravan to turn on air conditioning to cool down your caravan if its a really hot day. (TV included!) We have experience in caravans and we brought this one new 1st hand and it is the best.

We transport the caravan to your luxury chosen spot and you travel yourself even using a plane to your spot and it is a lot cheaper than hotels and you can have your own views and your own space. We also provide local attractions based on your points of interest there are loads of amazing places and countries near or in the United Kingdom you need to explore!

The caravan is completely washed inside and out hygienically before we send it out to make it look stunning.  

8 foot wide 20 foot long!


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