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Shropshire's #1 licensed wedding car and limousine company. 

Currently, we are the only private hire executive car hire licensed with Shropshire council. This allows us to do more occasions other then wedding, it ups the safety of the passengers, every hired vehicle must go a MOT every 6 months, and 6 weekly inspections and a spot check done with the driver before every job. It also means that every driver with us are, CRB, health checked, passed a separate private hire test, and are freindly. 


Why are (PHV)'s private hire vehicle license so imoportant?

A PHV means that the car is licensed to carry you as a passenger on private event, as well as insured to carry you. This is very important as it could ruin your night, or make you at risk. 

Why are PHV's efficient for limousine and wedding car company's?

-They help make sure that the private hire vehicle you are hiring are safe, and are not going to put you in danger. 

-Insurance covers you., and us. 

-Insures that your driver is 1) healthy enough to drive, and 2) safe enough to drive. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about this, and how you can become more aware to other limo and wedding car hires, without a license.

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