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The Bike Strikes Back

What's black and cream and brings happiness wherever it goes?

We, 2XL Limos, realised that although we pride ourselves in chauffeuring you to and from your big event, we really wanted to play a part in providing something that could really make a difference. There occurred, this beauty - Introducing to you, our fantabulous vintage-inspired Ice Cream Bike!

Purchased by ourselves in 2016, we know only a minuscule fraction of this marvellous attraction's journey as it was originally built and put to use on the streets of 1920's England. You can see here via the Old Bikes Online Vintage Bicycle Museum, (from where we found it), exactly where this bike comes from.

Call it as you see it, a classic little comeback

We have since revamped and brought the bike back to life, installing more of a 1940's nature to it, to fit in well with not only our matching vintage wedding cars but to measure up with our 1950's Cadillac. After adding a lick of paint and ensuring it's fully licenced to be in service and on the road again, we're proud to be able to offer this feature as a fully working and licenced ice cream vendor.

Since hosting this service, we've travelled Nationwide, serving a magnificent abundance of deliciously creamy ice cream up and down the country at a variety of spectacular events. We've cycled this beauty to weddings, charity fundraisers, promotional events, surprise birthdays and even those 'once in a lifetime' graduation balls, not to mention christenings and even the occasional festival - boy it's popular!

Your choice is our choice...

We have no end of options when it comes to choosing the ice cream you'd love, as we provide a whopping 20+ flavours for you to choose from. Maybe you'd like to be a little more daring and try some of our quirkier flavours such as the Ginger Crunch, Blue Banana or Peanut Butter? Or, perhaps, you're just after some good old traditional Vanilla. Heck, we even have a Christmas Pudding flavour for those more festive occasions. Not only is picking your the flavour of your ice cream one of the many perks of hiring this bike, but we have a vast selection of sauces and topping to choose from too, and we can assure you, there is definitely something for everybody at Dan & Will's Ice Cream Bike Hire.

Ultimately, there's really no limit as to where this bicycle will fit in. We've already had the delight of providing it at numerous birthday, charity and prom-like events, all of which loved its vintage feel and refreshing presence, but we can honestly say, hand on heart, that this Ice Cream Bike is the perfect fit for any wedding, taking it from an already beautiful occasion to above and beyond, it's the icing on the cake. What's even better? You've heard about it just in time for Summer.

Dan & Will's Ice Cream work in conjunction with 2XL Limos and are a proud outbranch of the family business. For more information, please visit the following websites:- - Centralised website. - Product specific (Ice Cream Bike) website, run personally by Dan and Will.

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