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Hello Prom Perfection

The votes are in and the award for the BEST PROM CAR OF THE YEAR goes to...

*drum roll*


Well, we'd like to think so anyway, if such an award existed - our caddy is a true winner in our eyes.

We spotted this beauty during our travels in America and fell so in love with it that we just had to have it shipped over. Not only does it not originate in the UK, but it's one of only 670 Cadillac's built in 1959 and one of only 18 painted in this vibrant colour - so we guarantee there's truly nothing like this spectacular vehicle around. It's also the only Cadillac from the 75 series on the roads in Europe!

So far, the Caddy has been hired out for all sorts of events ranging from birthday celebrations to television and film, but we have to say the most popular event it's hired for is proms. We love proms, who doesn't? And trust us, there's no better feeling than when we cruise up in this beauty and we see the excitement on our customers faces. Yes, that's your car! We have to say though, we're not really surprised, who wouldn't want to completely thrill the rest of the school year arriving in this gorgeous blast from the past?

All in all, we're super pleased to be able to provide this car to you. It's guaranteed to make peoples jaws drop and eyes bulge because it's just so, well, stunning! So push the boat out, give us a bell or pop us a message because we can assure you, you'll make the best entrance at prom if you cruise through the 50's.

Tel: 01746 218300

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