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Springtime brings with it the all important wedding season and we thought we would share our tasty tips for a foodie wedding from our events team, to help you plan the food for your big day!

Dinner should be fun - not pretentious!

Its natural for you to want to impress your guests on your wedding day, but most guests want to feel relaxed and enjoy your day with you, they don't expect foie gras and caviar, as classy and generous as it is. Why not serve something fun that gets guests chatting about the food? For example I went to a very glamorous wedding at a prestigious local venue where it was clear no expense had been spared, do you know what they served for dinner? Fish and chips! And it was perfect!

Your Day, Your Food

It's one of the most special days of your life, you don't have to do the same as everyone else, put your unique stamp on it! Everything else about the day will be a reflection of your personality and life as a couple, the food can do the same! What was the food on your first date? Or your favourite meal to cook together? Most caterers will also be happy for you to provide your own recipes if you want something really specific, but make sure you have them do you a taste test first!

No Surprises

If you are having a sit down meal we think it is a really nice touch to print menu cards for your guests and leave on their place settings so they can eagerly anticipate the gorgeous grub they are about to receive. Even if you opt for a buffet it's a nice idea to have a big menu maybe near the table layouts so guests can peruse what's on offer before they go up to help themselves.

Dessert Table

Dessert is typically served at the table but all too often guests are restless by then and up and out of their seats to talk to other guests. Why not break the norm and offer a dessert table instead? These are becoming increasingly popular giving guests the chance to go up in their own time and choose from a selection of sweet treats at their leisure. They are a real feature when all decorated too, beautiful and tasty!

Make Sure You Tuck In!

You've put so much time and effort into planning your day, make sure you enjoy it! There will be so many people there taking your time, guests, photographers, family, venue staff etc make sure you take 10 minutes out with your new spouse to enjoy and just be in the moment, it goes all too quickly! Even better if that moment is over food so you can enjoy the food you have so lovingly chosen, and your first meal together as man and wife.

We hope our wise words (taken from many years experience in the catering industry!) have helped give you a clear idea of what food to serve at your wedding and how to serve it.

Because we are feeling the love this month we are offering you a super deal if you book your wedding catering with us! Simply book catering for 100 guests and we will cater for an extra 10 for free! Our events team are on hand ready to advise you :-)

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